Stations & apparatus

Our Stations

Station 1 | Central Station

Central Station, "Headquarters," is located near the intersection of State Highway 21 and West OSR.

Phone: 979-571-8311
Address: 3098 Fazzino Lane, Bryan, TX 77807

Station Amenities:
- Apparatus Bays x5
- Cascade Air System w/ Compressor
- Gear Washer/Extractor
- Duty Crew Dorms x1
- Weight Room
- Kitchen
- Office x3
- Dayroom
- Training Room
- Tool/Repair Shop

Units Assigned to Station:
401 - Chief Command Vehicle
421 - Engine
441 - Booster
431 - Tender
444 - Heavy Brush
451 - Utility Pickup

Station 2 | Benchley Station

Benchley Station is located off W OSR, west of Highway 6.

Address: 2595 W OSR, Bryan, TX 77807

Station Amenities:
- Apparatus Bays x2
- Dorms x2
- Kitchen
- Office x1
- Dayroom

Units Assigned to Station:
442 - Booster
422 - Engine

Station 3 | Brushy Station

Brushy Station is located off Highway 60 west of College Station.

Address: 6357 Raymond Stotzer Pkwy, College Station, TX 77845

Station Amenities:
- Apparatus Bay x2
- Dorms x3
- Kitchen
- Office x1
- Dayroom
- Training Room
- *Brushy Community Room

Units Assigned to Station:
423 - Engine
443 - Booster

*Brushy Community Room:
Please contact the Fire Chief for more information or reservations at [email protected] or call Station 1. 

Our Apparatus

Brush 444 & 445

Brush 444 and 445, also known as “The General” and “The Admiral,” were purchased from Texas Facilities
Commission in San Antonio. These units
serve two basic functions: Wildland fires
and floodwater rescue. Precinct 4 takes
great pride in our vehicles and equipment.
The General and Admiral are built in house, by our own firefighters in order to provide better capabilities to protect our citizens’ lives and property. Each LMTV is equipped with 400 gallons of water, and a 500gpm pump. The General also has a 20,000 pound winch, used in self recovery and rescue of other vehicles. This will be a substantial savings to the taxpayers of Brazos County ESD4.

Chief 401 | Command vehicle, equipped with advanced radio systems, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, and forcible entry tools, Medical equipment, etc.

Engine 421 | 1,250 gallon Pumper/Tender with 1,250 gpm pump. Engine 421 is equipped with Structural Firefighting equipment, Vehicle Extrication Equipment, and Medical supplies. 

Booster Truck Housed out of Station 3 | Holds 300 gallons of water, wildland firefighting equipment, and medical supplies

Tender 431 | 2,000 Gallon tender. Equipped with 2 portable drop tanks, and drafting equipment to set up an attack engine with drafting capabilities. 

Booster 442 | 300 Gallon tank with 500 gpm pump. Booster 442 is equipped with wildland firefighting equipment and medical supplies. 442 is the primary unit assigned to medical emergencies in the Benchley community. 

Engine 422 | 1250 gallon pumper equipped with firefighting, vehicle rescue, and EMS supplies.

Booster 443 | 300 Gallon Brush Truck with 500 gpm pump and class A foam system. 441 is equipped with wildland firefighting equipment and medical supplies. 

Engine 423 | 750 Gallon Engine with 1250 gpm pump. Equipped with structural firefighting, medical, and vehicle extrication equipment. 

Utility 451 | Medical response vehicle, equipped with AED and BLS (Basic Life Support) medical equipment. 

Brush 444 | Heavy Brush unit equipped with 400 gallon tank with 500 gpm pump. Equipped with wildland firefighting equipment. Brush 444 is built, in-house, by members of Precinct 4 VFD to test the capabilities of the LMTV (Light Military Vehicle) as a frontline Brush Truck. This initiative will increase the capabilities of the Fire Department, and cut down on department spending. 

Tender 432 | 1,500 Gallon tank with 1,250 gpm pump. Tender 432 is housed at Station 1 as a second-out water supply unit.